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Warranty Information:

Purchasing a new remanufactured Chevy 350 engine for your Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Hummer or Corvette, is a big decision. You'll be putting a lot of time and effort into this project. Don't make the mistake of purchasing a rebuilt 350 Chevy engine without a warranty.

The Chevy 350 has long been known as the little engine that could, it's durability, strength and economical feasibility has made it very popular. Anyone can rebuild an engine, but can they do it well. When you're looking to purchase a rebuilt Chevy 350, do your research and insist on a Chevy 350 rebuilt engine warranty.

The warranty with your remanufactured Chevy 350 will protect you should the 350 engine be faulty. Most warranties will cover any manufacturer's defects. So, if you spend the time installing a Chevy 350 rebuilt engine you'll want to know you're protected. Look deeply into the warranty, check to see if it will cover Chevy 350 installation wages, repair, parts or are they just going to want you to send the Chevy 350 motor back to them at your cost? How long is the rebuilt Chevy 350 warranty good for, will it cover partial expense after the warranty is older? These questions should all be answered before you purchase your remanufactured/rebuilt Chevy 350 engine. Read the fine print, make a few phone calls, and make sure you're getting answers to your questions.
b All of this research will help you spend your remanufactured Chevy 350 dollars wisely. A company that doesn't offer a good warranty on their Chevy 350 rebuilds, may not have the faith in their craftsmanship that another company does, so choose carefully, do your homework, then enjoy the "little engine that could" the Chevy 350 engine.

Warranty for the Long Block:

7 Year/70,000 Mile (excluding marine, diesel, and anything over 1 ton)

Warranty for the Short Block:

90 Days

Warranty for long block marines, diesels, and engines over 1 ton:

12 Month/12,000 Mile

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