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About Us

Welcome to the Chevy 350 Motors company, doing your research about the company that will be rebuilding/remanufacturing your Chevy 350 engine is the way to insure you're spending your rebuilt engine dollars wisely.

We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our rebuilt Chevy 350 engines, whether it's for your road vehicle, special project, or marine craft, we're so sure of our technical 350 engine professionals that we offer one of the best Chevy 350 warranties around. It's a full 7 year, 70,000 mile warranty on long blocks, 12 month, 12,000 mile on marine and diesel engines, and we even have a warranty on our short blocks. We believe in our craftsmanship enough to also pay warranty wages loss. Don't let yourself get fooled into purchasing a Chevy 350 rebuilt engine without a warranty. You can read more about our Chevy 350 rebuilt engine warranty on our FAQ's page.

We also pride ourselves on personal service; we believe the way to insure a happy Chevy rebuilt engine purchaser is to speak with them personally about their concerns. We have a free hotline for you to call for any of your Chevy 350 rebuilt engine questions. Give us a call and let's discuss warranties, specifications, shipping, installation, and craftsmanship. We're not afraid to show our knowledge of the Chevy 350 engine and will be happy to help you choose the correct Chevy 350 engine for your application.

Here at Chevy 350 Motors our craftsmanship has proven itself by being ISO 9002 and QS9000 certified and the proud deliverer of several powertrain products for several OEM manufacturers. You can depend on our experience and dedication to the Chevy 350 engine rebuild.

Our experience and dedication to producing the best rebuilt Chevy 350 engine allows us to consistently meet or exceed the original factory specification for every Chevy 350 we rebuild, and if you'd like a custom rebuild we'd enjoy that also. Give Chevy 350 Motors a call, read our warranty and parts installation page, discuss your Chevy 350 applications, and then make a wise decision with Chevy 350 Motors for your Chevy 350 rebuild.

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