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Chevy 350 Motor Articles:

Chevy 350 Motor Article

Since 1955 the Chevy 350cc engine has been involved in the pulling, pushing, or propelling of vehicles through out America. This engine is a 5.7 liter or 350 cubic inch, originally with 255 horse power for most rigs with the '67 Camero and 68 Nova running with 295 horse power, it's continual ease of repair and unconditional reliability has kept it at the forefront for American engine power for well over 35 years.

Know at time as the 350 small block due to its small dimensions, it's still commonly known as a small block, but is considered a long block with its heads attached. This small block 350cc Chevy motor originally was produced for mass distribution from 1968 until 2002 in the U.S and continues in Mexico for distribution with GM's Goodwrench replacement engines.

Many individuals prefer to have their original Chevy 350 remanufactured rather than purchase a new model. The customization of the 350 Chevrolet engine is one of the many benefits of remanufacturing or rebuilding the Chevy 350. Many will take the engine, replace all new internal parts, customizing the block with a larger piston area getting more power than the 5.7 liter Chevy motor originally had.

The Chevy 350 engine has been seen in all types of vehicles from sand buggies, racecars, and trucks to watercraft and even an occasional airplane. The engine maintains its integrity while being used in a variety of engine applications. With this kind of reputation and the variety of uses the Chevy 350 will continue to be a sought after block for engine enthusiasts.

You'll often see the Chevy 350 still running strong in older model trucks and cars, the simplicity of the 350 engine for repairs just keeps the engine on the road or water. Made to race, pull and haul the Chevy 350 maintains its place in the American engine marketplace.

Chevy 350 Motor Article

You see them all the time, the older model Chevy going down the road with an impossible load and you wonder, what engine is in that thing. The Chevy 350 engine has been used throughout America and the world for generations.

Whether it's in a truck or a car the Chevy 350 engine just keeps going and going. It's 5.7 liter of pulling, pushing, and propelling power just keeps vehicles on the road. The Chevy 350 was seen not just in the light duty trucks from Chevrolet and GMC but also in the heavy-duty rigs for pulling camp trailers, horse trailers, and all manner of towing contraptions. Its continual reliability along with dependable Chevy 350 power made it a household word for truck owners.

The Chevy truck made its name with the Chevy 350 engine and continues to work hard today. It's not uncommon to see '70 models Chevrolets going down the road with the body in poor shape but the unmistakable sound of a good running Chevy 350 under the hood. Whether it was hauling the family on vacation or the farm product to market the Chevy 350 just kept the family going down the road.

You've also seen the Chevy 350 used in the race arenas; the power available along with again the simplicity of repair has made the 350 Chevy engine commonplace on the track. The Chevy 350 can be modified to fit in any thing from the sand dune buggy to the compact Volkswagen bug and compact pickup trucks and all the owners have to be sure of is the strength of their transmission. With the lightweight of the smaller race vehicles the Chevy 350 power has been known to rip the wheels off of home made race rigs.

The application of the Chevy 350 is versatile and therefore has become a common name in the American vehicle industry. With its simplicity and reliability the Chevy 350 block never winds up on the garbage heap, instead the remanufacture and rebuilding industry has embraced any Chevy 350 core available to make rebuilt Chevy 350's for the American public as well as the world.

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